Under Construction

I’m currently in the process of moving the blog and and everything to duoimagery.com. so it might not be working the greatest right now, but i’m working on it:) the address for the blog will then be http://www.duoimagery.com instead of duoimagery.wordpress.com.

In case you wonder what happened to the other site that used to be duoimagery, its the galleries tab on the top of this site. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. I’m trying to get everything together under one domain. Blog, galleries, and everything else. Feel free to let me know if you having problems with the site!

thanks -John


3 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. PD says:

    Hey it’s looking good. One thing, the home link on your galleries page points to the wordpress blog instead of back home. Maybe you should fix it. :)

  2. PD says:

    Maybe it is working afterall? I’m getting confused. :(

  3. duoimagery says:

    PD. Sorry it was confusing. While switching the domain names and all it was acting pretty freaky for a couple days. I think it’s all good now though. =] beth

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