fall comes again..

Who doesn’t agree that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.. if not the most beautiful? As fall is arriving this year I’ve been thinking a lot. The stunning colors sprinkled everywhere among the trees.. the leaves scattered on the ground and the desperately blue skies.. it’s intriguing to me that all this beauty is because of.. death. The leaves turn from green to the shocking shades and variations of yellows, oranges and reds only because the leaves are dying. Somehow that amazes me. That not *despite* – but-  *because* … because of death, there is inexpressible beauty.



2 thoughts on “fall comes again..

  1. Bethy says:

    I love the way you put this, Bethy. I’m starting to like fall more and more. It’s kind of symbolic…:) And now that I know what it means to you…*sigh* It’s definitely a special time. May this year be the best fall for you ever. Te amo:)

  2. duoimagery says:

    It is symbolic.. in a deep, beautiful painful sort of way.. :)
    Thank you.. EST.

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